How to create Telegram Group

Telegram is a great way to bring group of people together. It provides a way for families, colleagues, coworkers, friends and communities to form mobile group and stay in contact. Below you will find instructions on how to create a Telegram Group, how to set Group Admins, setup who can share messages and more.

Creating a Telegram Group

  1. Open your Telegram application on Mobile
  2. Click on “pencil” icon at the bottom of the page, this will open up a list of actions
  3. Please press “New group”
  4. Select from the list contact displayed, the friends you would like to add to this group
  5. The following screen will give options to set Group attributes.
  6. You may “set avatar” of the group, which is optional
  7. please enter a name for your Group under “Group Name”
  8. You may also set a “Group Desc”, which is optional
  9. You may also select your group to be public or private.
  10. Please note that only the owner can add or remove members or change the group name or avatar
  11. The creator of the group is the owner of the group.

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